With a commitment to the mission of empowering schools, the Nepalese Association of Florida (NAF) joined the Global Senate as a partner organization in March, 2023.

NAF is an organization with a legacy of leadership and history of collaboration. NAF (then FNA) date back to 1992, when a handful Nepalese living in Florida gathered in Gainesville and embarked upon a journey of unknown that would continue for good till eternity.

NAF has never been geographically bound and their philanthropic activities have extended beyond Florida to and beyond national bounderies. NAF community feel strongly about Nepal, the land where most of the members of NAF are emotionally rooted.

Nepalese Association-Florida (NAF), Inc. is a tax-exempt nonprofit organization registered in State of Florida (FEI/EIN Number: 593152163).  NAF is a 501(c)(3) organization.

More information about this organization can be found at their official website website: www.floridanepalese.org 

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