Samata Global Senate

प्रतीक्षा गरौं!

बृहत सुशोभन समारोह एवं साँस्कृतिक साँझ

समता सिनेटर ज्यू हरुको सुशोभन समारोह मा मह जोडी, गायक रामकृष्ण ढकाल
र अन्य कलाकारहरुका साथ सुमधुर सांझ

New York: Nov 5 | Chicago: Nov 6 | Columbus, OH: Nov 11 | Pittsburgh: Nov 12 | Boston: Nov 13 | St Louis: Nov 18 | San Francisco: Nov 19 | Dallas: Nov 20

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Stay tuned for a memorable evening with MaHa jodi, Ram Krishna Dhakal and many other artists in November! Tickets are $100 but early bird tickets will be available online for $50 until September 15.

New York

November 5, 2022


November 6, 2022


November 12, 2022

Columbus, OH

November 11


November 13, 2022

St Louis

November 18, 2022

San Francisco

November 19, 2022


November 20, 2022

This charity show is dedicated to supporting the Samata School of Nepal, also known as the Bamboo School, which educates Nepali children from low-income families for 100 Rupees per month, which is less than one dollar!

More Information about the school is available here